Because men totally love scented candles

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Description (for women)

We are passionate about making the best candle possible so we use only natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Each of our artisan luxury scented candles is handcrafted here in Battersea by men, for men. We slow-pour our scents with a special blend of bees’, soy and coconut waxes then gently cure for at least 2 weeks.

Candles For Chaps is the perfect gift for dad, husband, boyfriend, uncle, brother…

Our inspirations include classic cars and barber shops on St. James’s. If Bond had a favourite scented candle it would be one of ours. Probably.

Description (for men)

Bloody good candles.

"Now I can indulge my compulsions with a waft of manly scent."

David (convicted arsonist)

"Please, please, please stop sending fork handles when I order four candles. Mildly funny first time, wearing thin the third time, seriously annoying the twelfth. And yes I get the reference."

Rich from Ipswich

"Judging by their social media videos, the two founders look like complete pricks with the mental (and sexual) maturity of 12 year olds. They do however make outstanding candles..."

Jeff from Godalming

"Ow! It burned me!!"

Chuck Norris

Is this a real store??

Many people


Father Jean-Paul La Gare, Notre-Dame de Paris

"The Candles For Chaps founders are so attractive that I soak the bedsheets when I dream of them. Especially the one that looks like an onanistic hobbit."

Not Cara Delavigne

Not featured in*:

* (and unlikely to ever be)